The ramen is a rich soup of flavors and aromas that recall the widespread eastern Japan that has ancient Chinese origins and little known. Even the meaning of the word is not certain, the most common theories associate the term ramen to the type of dough used for the preparation, others argue that the term would be a gesture of “mixing” the broth with other ingredients. The ramen is a very hearty dish of which there are countless variations, every Japanese town has its own version of ramen.

Our varieties of soup can be flavored with:
Miso: paste of fermented soybeans, for a flavor broth “velvety”
Shoyu: based on soy sauce with an end of katsuobushi perfume (white tuna fillet dried), for an amber broth.
Shio: slightly tasty with a delicate taste of konbu (dried seaweed), for a clear broth.

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